🤑 NFT utility


Make a good investment with Bitcoin, while you are a proud CryptoMemories NFT owner. The only NFT with real investment utility pegged to the leading cryptocurrency. Up to 60% of the NFT mint prices are separated into the CryptoMemories treasury and swapped to Bitcoin. If the Bitcoin price hits the next crucial All Time High, the increased value of the treasury is distributed to NFT holders.

The treasury allocations are based on the rarity levels, the following percentages are separated into the investment fund. Common - 10% cashback Rare - 20% cashback Epic - 30% cashback Legendary - 60% cashback

The first snapshot of the redistribution will be at the new Bitcoin ATH at 70 000$. Further snapshots will be decided by NFT holders. The fund’s distributions will be proportional to the deposited SOL amounts to the treasury.


-50% of the royalties separated for DAO wallet (NFT raffle, Treasury increase...) -Shape our project by voting on the most important decisions (Further collections, snapshots…) -Access to our NFT investment tips and NFT project analyzes -Exclusive access to mint our NFT “Flex stuffs” -Free entry to our upcoming physical and metaverse NFT galleries -Airdrops for NFT holders -Private NFT owner Discord channels -Longterm investment opportunity in the emerging NFT market -Last but not least every CryptoMemories NFT represents an aesthetic value with a small piece from the crypto history

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