👥 Meet the Team

The CryptoMemories project is made by a small Hungarian team. We are crypto-enthusiasts since 2016 and also running the biggest Cryptocurrency trading group and news media in Hungary, called Cryptofalka. Our designer came from the world of game development and the film industry. His signature as a graphic artist and art director is recorded in several internationally known and acclaimed productions.

Roland Honti - Blockchain expert - Linkedin

Crypto fanatic since 2016, the founder of the first cryptocurrency trading group in Hungary, called Cryptofalka. Guest university lecturer at the Corvinus University of Budapest and The University of Óbuda in the topic of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Creating technical analyses, news, and educational materials to help people get to know this new world. The executive manager of a cryptocurrency mining company called Elysium 22 Invest Kft.

Márk Körmöndi - Graphic artist - Linkedin

Márk is one of the prominent figure in the Hungarian game developer graphic scene, and now has gained a foothold in the world of the film industry. His signature as a graphic artist and art director is recorded in several internationally known and acclaimed productions.

Norbert Farkas - Online marketing - Linkedin

Head of the online marketing at CryptoMemories NFT project. Leader of Pannako marketing agency. His main areas of expertise are social media marketing and PPC. He has many years of experience in website and webshop development. He is familiar with the latest trends and can put them into practice in a short time.

Balázs Hagymási - Digital marketing expert - Linkedin

Spent close to 20 years in the online marketing world, focused on social media and eCommerce. Working as a Head of Corporate Communications role at iPon, in 6 countries at the moment. Crypto infected since 2016, he’s got a huge trust in the blockchain technologies and web3 innovations.

Konrád Kovács - Blockchain programmer - Linkedin

He started getting to know cryptocurrencies in 2016, from the first minute He was interested in technology, the big profit (s) was only the second. He worked on several smart contracts (in Solidity and Rust), but He had the opportunity to work in an ICO-related startup as a frontend / smart contract developer. He is currently an infrastructure engineer at a multinational bank where he is responsible for those communication products that most of our users use on a daily basis.

Máté (AhwesQ) - Community lead - Linkedin

Business IT student and collab manager of Cryptomemories. Máté is in the crypto scene for more than a year and specialized in the Solana NFT market. He is working on several NFT projects currently, one of the biggest of these is Paradox World, where he is a manager. In Cryptomemories he handles the in- and outgoing collaboration requests. He looks for new and emerging NFT projects and trades with NFT-s daily.

Besides the core team, moderators also support our community.

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